Gloria Ann Hill

(nee Sisson)

Young Gloria

Gloria Ann Sisson, the only child of Delmar and Lorene (nee Carnevale) Sisson was born August 23, 1932 in Horsington Kansas. Gloria's family moved a lot because of her dad's job with the railroad. Gloria spent most of her childhood in Osawatomie, KS. She moved to Long Beach, California in 1951 and worked for Kay Jewelers. Gloria married Jack Willis Hill on July 7, 1953. Jack was in the Navy and went overseas shortly after the marriage. He came home a year later and went to work for the Post Office.

Young Jack Hill

Manette and Gloria Ann Hill

Their only child, Manette Christine Hill, was born February 14, 1955. Jack then went to work for the oil industry. Unfortunately, their marriage ended in divorce on February 8, 1966. See additional photo of Gloria with her mother, Lorene, on Lorene Sisson's page.

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