Manette Winterfield History

Manette Hill and Stephen Winterfeld on their Wedding Day

Manette Hill, is the only child of Jack and Gloria Ann Hill (nee Sisson). A photo of Manette with her mother, Gloria, can be found on Gloria Hill's page.

She married Stephen Arthur Winterfeld on November 13, 1982.

Manette worked as a production manager for an electronic circuit board company and Stephen was an engineer for the same company.

Their first child, a son, Jason Bradley Winterfeld was born June 21, 1986. Ryan Christopher Winterfeld was born August 26, 1992. Manette then stayed home to care for her children.

Manette, Ryan, Stephen, and Jason - Winter 2003

The family now lives in Huntingon, Indiana.

Manette and her mother, Gloria - May 2003

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